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Our Reason


Journey Apparel is a sister-owned business founded in 2020. We strive for high-quality products at a reasonable price. We want to not only provide everyone with cute, affordable products, but to give all body types and sizes a chance to feel and look confident in what they are wearing. We are more than an apparel and products brand . We hope to inspire our supporters to learn to be the best version of themselves. Everyday is a new opportunity to make yourself a priority. Be you. Do you. For you. You are beautiful, girl.

We have your back! 


We want you to trust us like you'd trust a good friend, and clothing worth falling in love with is clothing worth standing behind.

We support our community & guarantee our products won’t let you down.

If you ever have an issue, email  us at and we’ll be sure to work with you!

Feel good about your purchase with Journey Apparel . We strive to provide high quality activewear for a fraction of the price.

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