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  • How do I contact you?
    The best way to contact us is via Instagram @journeyapparel._ but we can also be reached by email:!
  • How do I make an offline payment?
    If you are using an offline payment to pay for your order we accept: - Venmo @journeyapparel_ - Cashapp $reyesceleste - ApplePay (559)-871-4279 After paying for your order, please do not leave a comment with subjects such as "workout clothes", "leggings", or "shipping". Simply leave your favorite emoji or a fun gif to complete your payment. Note: If a payment for your order has not been made within 3 days of placing your order, then your order will be cancelled.
  • The product I wanted sold out so fast - HOW?
    Some products fly off the shelves and others sell slowly. It can be REALLY hard for businesses to know how much product to buy. These situations are as frustrating for us as they are for you. We're getting better at predicting how much to make, but it's a slow and difficult process. In the future, you can also help us figure out how much to purchase by signing up for Back in Stock notifications. Also it is beneficial to you as well because you will be notified once those products are restocked again!
  • I just placed an order and want to change it.
    The fastest way to resolve this issue is to place an additional order with the correct information and your desired products, and then contact us as soon as possible: @Jounreyapparel._ This ensures that your order is secure and you are able to get the products you wanted before selling out! We can then cancel the order that is incorrect and follow through with processing the correct one.
  • How to properly wash & care for your Journey Apparel.
    Take proper care of your Journey Apparel and make your investment last with a few simple tips. - LESS IS MORE. Don't use more than the recommended amount of detergent. - Do NOT use fabric softener. When fabrics are made with sweat-wicking materials, fabric softeners and fabric conditioners can potentially interfere with that technology and make them smell. Not only that, but more sweat can accumulate and leave you in an ultra-sweaty (and stinky) post-workout predicament. - COLD water only! Hot water can cause colors to bleed and is generally rougher on dyed fabrics. The gentler the cycle, the less likely your clothes are to experience abrasion and wear. - Turn every piece inside out. On that note, we’d also recommend keeping similar fabrics together. Turn your gear inside out and wash it with other synthetic fabrics (e.g. nylon, polyester, and spandex) and avoid anything abrasive (such as denim or garments with Velcro or zippers). -Air dry is KEY! Lay your items out and flat to air-dry rather than throwing them in the dryer. High heat warps individual strands of the fiber of your activewear and weakens the material. This can lead to tears, holes, and permanently alter their shape, flexibility, and ultimately how they fit.
  • What is your return policy?
    We want you to be happy with your products, if you're not .. let's fix it! To be eligible for a return or exchange, you have 3 days from the date you receive your product to reach out to us regarding the issue. All returns and exchanges are processed as returns, however due to quickly fluctuating inventory levels, we can not always offer a traditional exchange option. NOTE: Please ensure that items are new -- unworn, unwashed, tags still attached and undamaged. Any returned item felt to be biohazardous by the staff will be immediately be thrown away and not eligible for return. This includes but is not limited to deodorant marks, lingering perfume odor, and damage to any seams. If a return is desired, we are not responsible for any return shipping fees and a prepaid shipping label will not be provided. The customer has 3 days to ship and return the products back before they become ineligible for compensation.
  • How do I start a return?
    To request a return simply reach out to us with your name and order number regarding the issue, and we will get back to you as soon as we can! We can be reached via email or via our Instagram account which is @journeyapparel._
  • How can I exchange?
    If you are interested in an exchange, please reach out to us either via email or via our Instgram account regarding the product details. We would love to make sure you are happy and satisfied with your order, so if we can accomadate for you we will definitely do our best! Unfortunately, we can not always do direct exchanges for the same exact product because our inventory changes so rapidly. In that case, if you're interested in another product of equal or lesser value we can always exchange those out for you instead.
  • What if my item is damaged, defective, or incorrect?"
    We double check every order that we send out but we’re human and sometimes we make mistakes. If we sent you the wrong product or your product is damaged, we’ll make it right! Please reach out to us with a photo of the damage, or the wrong item you received, as well as your order number.
  • Shipping Costs
    Like many brands, we switch back and forth between offering low rate, affordable shipping and offering free shipping over a specific value. When shipping is not free, we do not charge markup over our cost to ship your packages. We never make money on shipping. Shipping costs are calculated by weight, so the more products ordered .. the heavier and more expensive your order will be. We generally do not offer free shipping. However if your order total is above $120 then shipping is on us! This is because we are a small brand and shipping is a major expense for us that hurts our ability to grow.
  • Shipping Policy
    Thank you for being understanding and patient with us during the pandemic. Journey Apparel ships to anywhere within the United States including the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico. International Shipments are restricted to select countries, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us! To track your order, please refer to your shipment confirmation email. Once your order is processed and dispatched, you will receive an email containing your tracking information. Typically we require about 3-4 days to process your order and another 3 to complete shipping. Note: Journey Apparel does not guarantee specific delivery times. Shipping times are estimations and may vary on the day and time your order was placed, or by the shipping carrier.
  • My package says it was delivered, but I haven't received anything! What do I do?"
    Unfortunately, if a situation like this were to occur we are only responsible and able to do so much from our end. Our responsibility is to properly prepare and process your order, but once it has been handed off to the designated shipping carrier.. we are no longer responsible for it. Since we are a small business we do not have the means to refund, replace, or provide any sort of compensation for lost items or packages.
  • How do I know what size I am?
    Sizing can vary between our collections, but almost all of our items are true to size. Another tip we recommend is to compare these measurements to previous items you own from us already. If you still need more help, our Journey Girls do an amazing job of posting descriptive and helpful reviews of our products on our Instagram page (@journeyapparel._) We are always here to help and make this the best shopping experience, so you can also reach out to us or through direct message on Instagram where we will do our best to give individualized advice!
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